A Story of Dreams, Fate and Destiny מאת אראל שליט יצא לאור

בימים אלה יצא לאור בהוצאת Chiron הספר A Story of Dreams, Fate and Destiny של חברנו המנוח אראל שליט. זהו ספרו ה-11, והבשל ביותר, והוא יצא לאור הודות לעריכתה של בת זוגו Nancy Furlotty.

כתבו על הספר:

"In his brilliant book, A Story of Dreams, Fate and Destiny, Erel Shalit has woven an intricate and exquisite tapestry of the journey to wholeness. Starting with the history of dreams he shares with us the way different cultures have understood soul and healing. He invites us to go on a pilgrimage with him into the depths from which image arises and to emerge with a sense of wonder, meaning and purpose. Erel's way is scholarly, personal and poetic and borne from his own lived experience along with that of his partner, Nancy Furlotti, who has beautifully and skillfully edited his manuscript creating a song of life and love–a ballad and book to hold close to one's heart."
-Linda Leonard

"The enigmatic nature of dreams is grounded in this exploration of their biblical, mythological and scientific foundations. A Story of Dreams, Fate and Destiny stands as a fitting celebration of Erel's brief lifespan during the course of which he acquired the profound scholarship so vividly on display here though leavened by his self-deprecating humour and humanity. The latter shine through the words of wisdom in this fine work that is highly recommended for psychoanalysts and psychotherapists in search of insight into their own and their patients' dreams as well as for all those eager to learn more about one of life's great mysteries."

-Ann Casement, Licensed Psychoanalyst/Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine.

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