The Analytic Training Programme


Successful completion of the training programme grants the title of Jungian Analyst, which grants membership to the institute (IIJP). As a member of the IIJP the analyst is accredited as a member of the International Association of Analytical Psychology (IAAP).


The training is geared to experienced therapists desiring to undertake further personal and professional development through the Jungian approach. The programme is open to licensed and practising therapists in mental health: psychiatrists, certified psychologists (MA), social workers (MA), expressive arts therapists (MA). The application of those who do not fit these criteria will be considered on an individual basis.


The studies are designed to introduce the candidate to the Jungian way of thinking, introducing the student to symbolic language and to aid the student in connecting the clinical with the archetypal and symbolic worlds. The programme aims to expose the candidate to the different schools of thought, and their clinical expression, within Analytical Psychology.

The education and certification committees accompany the training and monitor the development and progress of each candidate. The candidate will be assessed in their participation in courses, the submission of papers, and examinations. The committees will ensure the candidate maintains a continuous participation in personal analysis and supervision. The committee members and the heads of each committee will address any personal difficulty that might affect the training process.


Where and When

Studies take place at the institute’s centre: 18 Tsfira Street, Tel Aviv.

Studies are held on Tuesdays between 5pm and 9pm for 10 months of the year.

In addition there are 4 workshops held on Fridays held across the year.

The formal education lasts for a minimum of 4 years.


The curriculum’s structure and the teaching design:

The formal education programme is for four years in duration.

Each year consists of studies conducted across 33 weekly sessions, and four workshops.

Teaching is multi-axial in the following areas.

  1. Structures of the psyche (i.e., typology, archetypes, complexes, psychopathology)
  2. Dynamic processes (i.e., dreams, the transference relationship, alchemy, individuation)
  3. Interpretation and technique (i.e., symbolic thinking, active imagination, amplification)
  4. Mythology (i.e., creation myth, the hero, the underworld, mythic figures)
  5. Reading of foundational texts (i.e., Jung, Neumann, Hillman, Von Franz)
  6. Human development throughout life (i.e., stages of life according to Jung and Neumann)
  7. Workshops (given on specialist areas of interest)


From the first to the final year of studies each year will follow two categories

  • Issues related to development throughout the lifecycle
  • Topics related to the developments of the Ego-Self axis (from the primary state of the Self to the formation of the Ego to the dynamic it holds with and to the Self).


The Child Analysis Training Programme

The institute is currently working to establish a Jungian training for analysts who have already qualified


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