About The Israel Institute for Jungian Psychology 

The Israel Institute for Jungian Psychology was founded in 2000, with the aim of encouraging a deeper understanding of analytical psychology and and to continue to develop the theory and practice of analytical psychology as propounded by CG Jung and Erich Neumann.

The institute also founded and continues to develop an analytic training programme for mental health professionals guided by the principles of analytical psychology. Since its foundation the institute has seen the successful formation of over 6 groups of analysts. As such, it is instrumental in developing and maintaining a standard for those wishing to undertake a post-graduate programme for clinical excellence in Jungian analysis. 

Furthermore the institute provides its members with a community with which to exchange ideas in, providing groups for discussion and forums for further professional development. In order to encourage the expansion and innovation in the theory and practice of analytic psychology, the institute cooperates with other organisations and societies.

The organisation also provides a range of activities, some to the general public, allowing for further development of awareness and development through clinical case discussion, lectures, seminars and more.

Membership to the institute involves the acceptance of its aims and ethical code, and a recognised training, if not by the institute itself then, by a Jungian institute that meets the requirements of the International Society of Analytical Psychology (IAAP).

The Executive Committee is elected once in every two years for positions including; president, secretary, treasurer and chairpersons of the four permanent committees operating within the institute.

The Training Committee: deals with the admission of applicants for training, the evaluation of their progress from one year to the next, as well as the recommendation to the institute to accept candidates who have completed their training for membership to the institute.

The Education Committee: is responsible for preparing a curriculum that will include seminars, workshops, group training, etc., maintaining regular contact with the students and receiving assessments from the teachers and instructors regarding the progress of the candidates.

The Programme Committee: Is responsible for preparing the institute's activities, including: conferences, lectures, case presentations, guest speakers, etc.

The Ethics Committee: is responsible for developing the ethics of the institute and integrating ethics in professional training. The committee deals with ethics concerning supervisors and supervisees, the relationship between therapists and patients, the ethics between teachers and students, and ethics of the institute's members.

The Appeals Committee: is a committee appointed, when the need arises, by the President and approved by members intended to deal with candidates who wish to appeal the decision of the institute or of one of its committees.

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